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Carara park Jungle Tour,  River & Mangrove Cruise Tour, Combine.

Dry and Rain Forest at Carara Park, Mangroves, River Tarcoles and river mouth at the beach in front of Nicoya Peninsula Puntarenas..


If you want to save time and money while you travel, this is your tour!


Our tour will start hiking the trails of Carara Park looking for all wild life there.


After Carara tour we will drive 10 more min from the park to start our boat tour.


Seat and relax after the hike in the park, in our 34 ft boat and enjoy all the water wildlife in these tropical Mangroves and marine ecosystems.


After these tours I will suggest a local restaurant for you enjoy a tasty local lunch.


(Open the links to explore more about these tours.)



As part of my service I offer full A/C transport round trip, 4x4 car for small groups up to 25 room vans for bigger groups.


We also do tours with couples and families as private tours as well.


If you want to know more about my services please review my happy clients opinion on, after 10 years given  excellence in all my services.


I guarantee you will be back to the cruise on time to continue your travel through the Pacific Ocean…

Please email me and let me know at what time will your Cruise ship be at the dock and we will set up the pickup time for.


Price: $115 per person


(It will be private in Transp  and Carara tour but not in the boat, I will try to get as less people as possible in the boat, many times we are the only ones there, but I cant guarantee it always)


Hoping to hear from you soon…






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