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Tárcoles River and Mangroves Bird Watching Tour


About your activity

We will meet at Tarcoles River doc, to start the tour. We proceed down the river on our boat, where you will visit 3 wildlife Zones: River wet lands, Mangroves and coastal ecosystem on the beach.

Beach all converging in this beautiful wet lands.

As we progress on this tour, I will be exploring the River and Mangroves   to spot for you as many birds as possible. The expert boat Captain will be slowly moving the boat for you to get close enough to get a great photo to all of the birds we find on this tour.

I will be describing the name and behavior of all birds found in the tour as well as the natural history of these amazing ecosystems.


A tour with a local Expert

I have chosen the first Tour at 6:00 am because this is when the birds in this tropical paradise are waking up and more active.

Another good birding time starts by 4 pm when birds are flying and returning to roost.


Some of the birds you can see

Roseate Spoonbills, Scarlet Macaws. Neotropic Cormorants. Magnificent Frigate birds. Ospreys. Mangrove Hummingbirds. Turquoise Browed Mot Mot.  Double Stripe Thick Nee. Back Haw, Yellow and Crested Caracara. Ring, Pygmy, Belted and Green Kingfishers.  Green, Boat bill, Tiger, Little blue, Great blue, Black crown, Tricolored, Yellow crown Herons. Snowy, Great, and Cattle Egrets. Northern Jacana. Purple Gallinule. Black neck Stilt. Mangrove Cuckoo. Mangrove Vireo. Whimbrel. White Ibis. Just to mention some.



What else you should know

The River name is Tarcoles this River connects with Carara National Park, the Guacalillo Mangroves and the Pacific Ocean.

5 Life zones are connected with the river: Dry forest, Rain Forest, River wet lands, Mangroves and coastal ecosystem on the beach.

The 4 pm tour includes the sunset in the months Dec to Apr in from of the Beach.


What we will provide

32 roof boat, Boat captain and Bird watching Tour Guide

Water bottle for the tour

Breakfast if required (Morning Tour)


What you should bring

Comfortable shoes (sandals) light cloth.

Camera or camera phone



Cost pp: $65

Start time: 6:00 am and 4:00 pm 

Duration: 2:00 hour 


Ask to combine this tour with Carara Park Bird watching.

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