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Monkey Tour Damas island


Tour description:




You'll sail through protected inland waters, exploring coastal Mangrove areas and discovering a great variety of wildlife.


Join us on a professionally guided boat tour through the Mangrove islands of the Damas estuaries and discover white-faced monkeys, anteaters, boa constrictor, Neo tropical birds and many other species of Costa Rican wildlife.


Arriving at the Damas Estuary, you will board a Costa Rican covered motorboat that seats up to 18.


This boat takes you through 14,000 acres of magnificent mangrove forest containing a wide variety of wildlife and incredible scenery.


The Damas Estuary is a protected area b/c of all the amazing flora and fauna.


This adventure will provide you with the opportunity to kick back and relax as you navigate through a tangle of hidden waterways. It is very common to see white-faced monkeys, exotic birds, anteaters, iguanas, crocodiles and much more. White-faced capuchin monkeys are a definitely a highlight.


This adventure of Costa Rican natural history – it’s exuberant flora and fauna -- is highly recommended for, young or old, who wants to experience the interaction with nature wildlife and the amazing white faced Capuchins monkeys that inhabit these islands.


We offer transportation from Jaco best hotels to this tour every day.


Book now.

PRICE: $45 per person children from 3 years old pay.

Price for transport up to 4 people $100

Email us if you have your own transport to get to the three we will help you out.

1:30 hour tour. Tours 9:00 am every day.


Monkeys guaranteed!!!!


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