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Tour Description:


Take a hike to the spectacular Rincón de la Vieja active volcano:  400 km2 with a large number of fumaroles and hot springs on its slopes.  It is located 16 kms North of Liberia, and its most recent eruption was in February 1998.


The name "Rincón de la Vieja" means "the old woman's corner".  According to the locals, the indigenous people named this volcano after an old witch who used to live on top of the mountain and send columns of smoke into the air when she was angry.  Others, however, say that it was in fact a kind old woman who lived there and the smoke was from her cooking fire as she prepared meals for weary travellers.


This is one of the hotter, drier areas of Costa Rica, and the whole region around this volcano has more predictable seasons than the rest of the country.  Although there is much less chance of rain from December to April, the higher you climb the more likely you are to get wet... any time of year.


In any case, the hike is a rigorous but truly spectacular one, starting in tropical dry forest and continuing into low rainforestwhere the trees are covered with epiphytic vegetation. 


There are 257 species of birds that have been recorded, and a huge number ofinsect species.  The park protects the largest population of wild purple orchid, the national flower of Costa Rica.


Price: $85 per person min 4 people.


What to bring:  

Comfortable clothes, hiking shoes, extra set of dry clothes, insect repellent, sun block, hat, binoculars and your camera.



Your private A/C transportation and bilingual guide, entrance fee, lunch, drinks and shopping in Liberia.



Approximately 8 hours.

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