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Tour description:


This little village in the Guanacaste area is one of the few that still honours and preserves the traditions of their ancestors.  To this day, they proudly produce beautiful pottery, using skills that have been passed down from generation to generation.


The beautifully coloured clay they use is extracted  from an area just outside Guaitil, although they are running out of it and the only other available clay is in a privately-owned plot of land which the villagers are trying to buy.  They also make their own pigments to decorate the pieces, extracting the red and white pigments from the neighbouring San Vicente mountain, which is a two hour walk away, and the special black pigment from a location even further afield, near Santa Barbara.


The whole village participates in the production of these special pieces of pre-Columbian pottery, some extracting and carrying the raw materials, some working them by hand into the necessary textures, others making pieces on the wheels, others still decorating the beautiful artwork.


A visit to Guaitil will show you how pre-Columbian peoples used to live and work, and how they continue to do so in spite of the difficulties.  When you buy pieces of their pottery, not only are you taking home uniquely beautiful mementoes and gifts, but you are also supporting a livelihood threatened by modern times, especially for the young people who do not wish to abandon their village, but rather stay there and continue with the traditions of their revered ancestors.



Your private A/C transportation and bilingual guide, lunch and drinks.



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