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Vic-Tours Certificate of excellence winner 2016

Our tours with Vic were worth every penny. We did two tours with Vic, one upon arrival and the other the day before we left. He was informative (a real wildlife expert, with the information relayed in a fun way, not like a boring lesson). He was super accommodating and flexible. I loved his sense of humor and he is charming and fun to chat with. We played a fun trivia game during our transfer. Although I supposedly lost the game, we had a ton of fun and were laughing the whole ride. We got stuck in the rain in bad traffic and didn’t move for 20 minutes in Quepos. But Vic knew a short cut and maneuvered us out of traffic. We would have lost several hours if we were with someone who didn’t know the area well or if we drove on our own. Vic shared a little about his life with us, which was nice.

The service was personalized and personal, and we quickly developed a friendship with him. Great communication: I had many emails with Vic before arriving in Costa Rica because we wanted a customized tour. He was thorough and responsive in his replies. His English is excellent. He was flexible with plans and pick-up/drop-offs. Of all the reservations I made in CR, Vic was the only one that answered all of my questions thoroughly and promptly. Trustworthy: He arrived on time. His driving was good and we were not scared for our lives as we were in other transportation situations in CR. We found him so trustworthy we paid him for the second tour at the end of the first tour. I guess he could have just not shown up for the second tour and kept our money, but he didn’t.

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