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Carara national park Vic-Tours main tour.

Carara national park is located in Costa Rica’s central pacific slope.

Not many tourist find information of this park while touring Costa Rica.

With an extension of over 13.000 acres this is the only transitional forest in our planet found between dry and rain ecosystems.

It was a farm in the past by 1977 was born as a Biological forest Reserve. Natural sanctuary of unique plants and animals, it was only a forest accessible for scientist and biologist to study this ecosystems.

The building of the new road to the south pacific ended up in the 80th bordering the reserve and the affluence of more tourism to CR, forced the government to change the name by the 90th to a National Park.

Now we have open 2 trails in this park and recently there was a handy cap trail built.

Visitors of this park can hike in all this trails with easy access, the recommendation to hire our tour guide services are highly recommended in these trails for very important reason let me mention some:

Equipment: As tour guides we have invested in Telescopes, they are great tools to help you to see the most hidden spots in the park trails, our many years walking through the trails have transform us in experts searches of birds, sloths, monkeys, lizards, just to mention some. The telescope also allows to use smart cellphones cameras to take amazing photos.

Natural history: Along the tour you’re your tour guide will describe all the tree’s names, and theirs uses as well as medicinal plants found along the trails.

Security: A visit to the jungle will be always surrounded with snakes, and many poison insects and plants, a guide will always inform and be walking in front of you to advise in case of any danger that may affect you.

Some tips for you:

From December to April 30th the park will be open from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm and from May first to November 30th Park will be open from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

In October and September the adventure trail (Laguna Meandrica) nex to Tarcoles river will be closed, this because trail will be flooded from the rainiest month ot the year and crocodiles will cross the Tarcoles River and swim in the park trails.

When you come to the park if you are driving your own car, the parking lot has a regulation to park your car in exit form, this because in any emergency you can come back to the car and jump in and drive fast out.

Emergencies like what, earthquakes, Tsunami, storm ect… we are a tropical country and we want to prevent any emergency.

Finally I will like to talk about Manuel Antonio park versus Carara park.

No doubt Manuel Antonio park is one of the most visited parks in CR, the beach and the easy access to find wild life makes this park are a big attraction to all kind of tourists, but Carara park has lots more birds, it is known as the Scarlet Macaw home, it is the only National park in the central pacific where you can see them.

And we are not crowded.

Also the jungles are more mature and tress over 200 year old will delight your sight.

If you are traveling to Manuel Antonio Park you must have to pass by Carara National Park please don’t miss the chance to stop in our home park and hire one guided tour to the jungles of Carara, you will not be disappointed.

If you want to learn more about touring to this attraction please visit us on

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