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Vic-Tours Full Private Service

My best private service including:


  • Transportation, driver and Tour guide 3x1.


Sit, relax, take a nap, enjoy the scenery while I drive and Guide you all over my country. Holydays are to relax and enjoy, let me take care of all details of your trip, like transfers from Airport to hotel, transfers from Hotel to Hotel and drive and guide you to the best tours of each touristic zone.


Hire the best:


  • I offer full comfort in my 4x4 full A/C Mitsubishi Montero with room for 7 people.

  • Full insurances included.

  • Over 20 year knowledge as a Tour Guide.

  • A background in English as my second language.

  • A certified as a Costarican Tour guide with emphasis on Tropical Biodiversity and Central pacific birds.

  • You can hire my services per day, week or more…..

  • I offer customized tours please let me know what your plan to travel is and I will help you design your holydays.

  • I will be there every time you need, I will stay as close as possible of your hotel to be ready every morning to go in tours.

  • If you want to stay several days in a place I will take you there and pick you up the day you need to move up.

  • I can take 1 person, couples and families.

The aggressive way of our drivers and our non-sign roads are from far the stress you don’t want while in holydays.


Contact us for Prices and more information

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