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Vic-Tours family wants to offer in our farm, Siempre Verde Eco Farm, in an extension of 100 acres owned since 1975, we offer this beautiful place for you to stay surrounded with nature in a wonderful village located in a valley with Mountains, waterfalls and breathtaking ocean views, on top of Carara Jungle Park (12.000 acres).


Bijagual Village is a rural Village with a population of less than 1.000 habitants. Full of dairy farms, wood shops and colorful houses. Definitely the atmosphere of this Village is something that will make you feel safe and the friendship of the locals will make you feel welcome and at home. Temperature here is way cooler than by the beach, at night it is less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, altitude is over than 2000 feet.


Sudy is the name of my 2 cousins Susana and Dilan my brother’s Maurice kids, he is the manager of this cabins and also Sudy’s restaurant.

We offer 3 rooms with TV, closet, hot water, king beds and a big swimming pool. In the Village you can find a Bar, soccer field, high school, church just to mention some.


Carara Jungle Park is only 25 min drive from our Cabins, at only 15 min drive you can access to Pura Vida Gardens and Waterfalls, Bijagual waterfall horseback riding as well as Bijagual waterfall hiking trail. Manuel Antonio Park is located 1:30 drive from us.

Definitely a fantastic place to stay overnight if you are driving the country or plan to visit Carara Jungle Park or Manuel Antonio next morning.


We also organize a tour to our dairy farm to hike and birding our jungle trails, help our dad milking cows and taste an authentic costarican homemade lunch.


A private tour to Carara Jungle Park or a birding tour to Tarcoles River and Mangrove Boat tour can be organized from here with Vic-Tours.

To arrive to Vic-Tours home village and spend a night at Cabins SUDY you have to follow the high way 34, 3 km pass the Tarcoles river turn left if you are driving from road 24 to Jaco or coming from Jaco once you pass Tarcoles Town at the Hotel Villa Lapas sign turn right, follow the road 320, for 25 min to Bijagual Village, to get there you have to pass, Hotel Villa Lapas, Bijagual Waterfall Hiking Trail and pura Vida Gardens and waterfalls. This in case you have a rental Car, in case you need pick up from hotel or airport please email us and we will go for you.


Price $70 double room Breakfast included 


It includes: free access to the pool and to our farm trails as well as breakfast at restaurant sudy.


Email Vic- at

Or call at: (506) 8723-5008 

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